Tips For Internships

Tips For Internships

Know what skills you can offer and meet with your supervisor to discuss ways to utilize your existing skills and gain more skills.

Let your supervisor know, in a constructive and positive way, if you feel your skills aren’t being used to their potential.

Sit down with your supervisor and go over what you hope to gain from the internship, especially if the internship is somewhat unstructured.

Follow up to make sure you are meeting those goals and set new goals if necessary.

Get to know the corporate culture, dress, communication style, and how decisions are made. This will help you avoid saying the wrong thing or overstepping your boundaries.

The organization is taking time to teach you new skills, understand what is expected of you and perform competently.

You may have to do some "grunt" work; that’s the trade-off for the skills that you are gaining.

Make sure there is a balance between "grunt" work and pre-professional responsibilities, if the balance becomes uneven, discuss with your supervisor how you can better apply your skills in the organization.

Be on time, take your assignments seriously, and meet your deadlines.

Organizations will often hire interns for future full-time positions, and will look closely at your performance and attitude to decide if you are a candidate for a full-time position.

Learn as much as you can about the industry and organization by reading what is around you, talking with everyone, and volunteering for extra projects.

Talk to as many people as you can.

Introduce yourself to everyone.

Seek out a mentor who may or may not be your supervisor.

Keep in contact with those you have met so when it comes time to look for a full-time job they will remember you