Resume Samples

Resume Preparation

Before begin developing the resume or curriculum vitae, give due answers of following question:

  • What is the ideal/perfect internship to me?
  • What skills and experiences interviewer like to value?
  • In which role I can fit as an intern?
  • Try to make out honest and balanced answers for your Interviewer and the internship of your choice, and mention it well in your resume.

    Once you understand and decides potential market for your availability, take your resume to next level.

    Make a resume reflects as a glorified application

    This sort of resumes describes the Company, Your dates of employment, Designation held; Job functions, Report to whom etc in neat sequential order. Also you need to include your education detail, further credentials altogether in brief so, the interviewer get a clear summary of your education and expertise in various field.

    Make a resume like Corporate Brochure:

    This type of resume is very appealing at first glance only, and highlights all your experiences, expertise, and credential till date in clear order. It showing how your skill and various abilities are benefited to your current and past organizations and add value to them. It describes the knowledge, technical know-how about the product you are representing and working on. Also it reflects your zest and thrive for learning new things and advancement for developing your skills to meet employer’s needs.

    Resume Samples



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