Internship Duration

Internship Duration

When mapping their instructional methods, several students wonder: what's the period of an internship? Like most problems within the internship field, there's quite more than one answer.

The duration of internship is 10 months to 3 weeks or one semester or quarter. However, answer to "How long is an internship?" also can be settled by the period of a college break; as an example, summer internships and winter internships are common, and occur over the course of a summer or winter vacation.

Keep in mind that you can hire interns at any time of year. Typical seasons set by the college year include summer, fall, winter, spring, however you can hire for extended time periods.

Furthermore, while an internship is traditionally a one-time experience, it's not fully uncommon for a student to take part in additional internship at the same company. During this case, the internships could also be throughout the semester or maybe over the course of consecutive summers. It’s also possible that a student may complete an internship simply to be rehired throughout a later semester or quarter.

The bottom line is that the length of an internship can be anything that's agreeable to both the student and the setting.