We are an internship gateway for Students looking for Internships and Companies looking for Interns. Our aim is to get the idea of internship to the hub as it is a vital bridge in the growth of our society.
The login portal is common for both students and companies.
In case, if you did not receive the Activation Email in your Inbox or Spam folders that means your email account is not permitting new emails to be received as your Inbox is occupied. Please delete your existing Inbox emails to But if this doesn't work then make use of the Contact form.
Complete the registration process, search for suitable internships and apply. You can also search and contact any company of your choice.
Fill in the student registration details and submit. Check the registered email address for an email with activation link. Click on the link and activate your account. Upload your resume and a recent photograph. Search for internships and apply. Simple!
Jovoz is an absolutely free portal for students without any registration charges or membership fee! We act as a bridge between the student-organization fraternity and help both the sides achieve their goals. We provide students with internship opportunities across all industries and from numerous good companies.
Internships are generally planned for a span of 6 months (maximum). However, the exact tenure varies from organization to organization, depending on the projects at hand and their resource allocation.
Resumes that are uploaded on your account are automatically submitted every time you click 'Apply' for interested job postings. To upload a resume, go to 'My Resumes' section, click 'Add Resume' and upload document. You can either upload a text resume or a word / PDF document.
Word & PDF documents are allowed up to 5 MB size.
You can add cover letter and other documents in support of your profile. The procedure is same as uploading a resume. Make sure you select the appropriate 'Name' and 'Description' to distinguish it from Resume.
The company gets a notification about your application. After the company receives the required number of applications they contact prospective candidates. Alternately, you can also check upon your application status by getting in touch with the company using Contact button. However, it is advisable to wait for at least a week before contacting the company.
'Shortlisted' indicates that a student has been selected by the company as a prospective candidate for the internship. 'Closed' indicates that your application has not met the criteria set by the employer.
All hiring decisions are made by organizations, as per their hiring policies.
Stipend is decided by organizations and different organizations have different stipend structure.
Companies offer both paid and un-paid forms of internships. Stipend related decisions are taken by organizations.
In this case, please click on 'Forgot Password' option and enter your registered email address. An email would be sent to your registered email address, containing your password details. In some instances, due to technical issues the email might go to the spam folders. Please check your spam folders in case you do not receive a support email from Jovoz.
In this case you can drop an email to info@Jovoz.com, with the details of the internship and the date you saw it. Our team will respond quickly and assist you in finding and applying for the position.
Jovoz is a platform open for all organizations, operating in any industry. We have some leading companies registered with us, looking for interns. So you have all the chances to bag great offers from good companies.
Please try searching with multiple key words, for internship requirements might carry more than one keyword. Also, please read the descriptions well in order to understand the profile, for at times the internship designation might not be relevant while the profile is apt. However, if you still fail to find internships related to your field, please drop a mail to info@Jovoz.com and we will address the issue at the earliest.
Complete the registration process, post your internship, receive student applications and contact candidates. You can in addition search and contact any candidate of your choice.
Fill in the company registration details and submit. Check the registered email address for an email with verification link. Click on the link and activate your account. Create and Post internships and receive applications!
Sign-in to Jovoz using the common login portal for students / companies. Click on 'Internship Postings' in the top left corner, Click 'Create job posting' fill in the details and you can either click 'Activate' to display the job on website or 'Save' to activate it later.
Under 'Skills required' list the competencies point wise so that it is easier for students to understand what is expected and how their background and experience will suit the internship. Under 'Description' include at least a paragraph about the job role and tasks. Further details about knowledge, degree/diploma and prior experience that will make it easier for an intern to instantly take up the role and also help to move forward. You can also add key takeaways or skills that an intern can get / develop through this internship. In 'Company Description' field include to the point information about your company background and your service or product offering.
Internship postings that have 'Active' status are displayed on the website and are visible in search results. Students can apply for 'Active' jobs. 'Inactive' status indicates that the posting is not displayed on the website and is not visible in search results.
Your internship will immediately be displayed under the Latest Internships tab on Home Page. Every time a student applies to your internship you will receive an email notification on your registered email ID. The notification will enclose the link to student profile. To circumvent the notifications going to SPAM folder or get categorized under different tabs, please add info@Jovoz.com in Contacts or Address book of your email service.
If you would like your internship to get characterised separately, contact info@Jovoz.com.
Currently, only 5 active internship postings are allowed at a time. However, there is no limit on the number of postings you can create.
A company is visible to applicants, only if the company profile has 'Active' internship postings. To check, visit 'My Internship Postings' page in your profile and look for postings that are 'Active'.
Sign-in to your profile and click on 'Applications received'. Here you may notice the list of candidates, who have applied to your job posting.
After your internship has received the expected number of applications, disable the internship posting from the portal. Pick out the candidates that meet your selection criteria. The selected candidates are informed automatically. Please note that it is your responsibility to inform the candidates of their status within a reasonable period of time. You can contact selected candidates using the Contact button or the information listed in their Resume. If you face any problem with receiving enough applications or would like candidates recommended to you, write to info@Jovoz.com.
Shortlisting indicates that the candidate is a potential match for the internship. It becomes easier to classify and notify possible candidates among the group of applicants. A candidate shortlisted is notified by the system about their status.
The period of internship completely depends on the organization and its agreement with the intern.
The choice to hire any candidate is taken by the organization only. Jovoz is not involved or responsible for any hiring / placement decision.
We thank you for conveying interest in Jovoz and welcome you to connect with us. All advertising related questions can be sent to info@Jovoz.com. We will contact you as soon as possible.