How It Works

How It Works

We do not charge a fee for our recruitment of interns and the option to pay each intern (salary, stipend, accommodation, etc) is entirely yours to decide. We will only recruit interns that match your specific needs, including prior academic coursework, grade point averages, interests, and language proficiency. This program provides each employer a unique opportunity to provide invaluable work experience to young professionals while also increasing your bottom line.

We have successfully placed interns with thousands of companies, non-profits, government agencies, and other associations around the world for many years now. We are superior at what we do and offer a level of professional and assurance to both employer and intern that are not matched by any other organization in the world today.

We work with a variety of employers around the world, including small and large businesses. We recruit interns for a variety of focus areas including marketing, graphic design, fashion, business administration, sports management, journalism, hospitality, and much more. To make the most of the internship for both intern and employer, we make sure both parties are prepared and have the support necessary to ensure a productive experience.

We primarily work to identify key skills that employers need in their workplace, and then identify interns that meet and surpass your expectations. Jovoz offers its 123employer partners information on how to manage a successful internship and ongoing support. We then help you deliver a valuable learning experience for each intern.

The Process:

  • Complete the online registration and we will follow up directly to get started.
  • Gain acceptance as an official Jovoz employer.
  • We begin recruiting and providing potential candidate resumes and cover letters for your review.
  • Formally offer internship position to candidate.
  • Prepare for your new intern to start.