Students Experience

Name:  Anurag Pathak
Institute:  Institute of Management Nirma University, Ahmedabad
Course:  MBA, Marketing
Organization of Internship:  Cushman & Wakefield (C&W)
Industry: Real Estate
Location: Bangalore
Project Title: Changing dynamics of decision drivers in real estate


Detailed Questions about Internship experience :

1. Please narrate briefly how you got the opportunity to do internship with Cushman & Wakefield.

It was through campus recruitment. The process of selection consisted of a GD followed by two interviews.

2.Could you share with us your experience of GD and PI?

Topic in GD was general and I felt that they keenly observed our ability to listen others and communicate effectively. GD was an elimination round. In the first interview I was asked to convince them why I wanted to do internship in real estate whereas I had work experience in IT. There were other questions basically targeted in probing whether I was flexible with assignments and locations. In the second interview they asked me some HR questions. There were also some situations based questions where I was asked to respond with my set of assumptions. For an example, they asked me to estimate the number of sales calls that I might be making during internships. Over all it was a great experience. C&W reflected its image of being a global employer and a professional recruiter in its selection process. The results were announced the same day and I was selected.

3.What was your job profile during internship?

I was given a Market Research Project- “Changing Dynamics of Decision Drivers in Office Agency Business Line (Bangalore)”. I was given a free hand to decide the methodologies for primary and secondary research. The overall work included- understanding the office space market of Bangalore, meeting with different prospective clients and understanding their requirements, market mapping etc. In the entire tenure I almost travelled 1700-1800 km in Bangalore.

4.Any suggestions on how to get a PPO (Pre Placement Offer)?

I had a very clear aim of converting my internship into a PPO (Pre Placement Offer), so I wanted to have a basic understanding of real estate before starting the internship. So in one of my subjects in the third term, I selected topic ‘Carbon Footprints in real estate’ and worked on it pretty hard to understand Real Estate Industry. Before actually landing to the internship I sent this research to my corporate mentor, he seemed to be pleasantly surprised and assured all help from his side during internship period.I believe this led the foundation for the PPO I received. On the basis of my experience I would suggest that the ultimate mantra to get a PPO is to outshine your performance during Internship. You should think on the lines that the onus of showing your potential is on you and not on your employer to find out whether you are a good fit. Moreover, proactive attitude, learning agility, networking skills and ability to walk an extra mile comes together to frame a chance of PPO.

5.What challenges you faced during the internship and what did you learn from them?

Collecting data by visiting places where you don’t even have any authority to enter, is itself a challenge. I learned a lot about convincing people and making my way through obstacles through this experience. I learned about B2B sales and how to conduct a qualitative market research.

6.Do you think Summer Internship helped you in the placement interviews? How?

Well the organization in which I first got placedisan IT firm, so they didn’t ask me much about internship which I did in real estate domain. Still it gives a concrete base to quick-start your interview because no matter how different your internship is from the company recruiting you, there will be some questions regarding your internship. I actually (along with few others) also got a PPO from my internship organization after I was placed.

7.How did you choose your summer internship organization?

I was applying for the companies in which I had chances of getting a PPO and fortunately I made it in C&W.

8.What suggestions will you like to give to your juniors?

First of all, networking is the key; develop as much contacts as you can when you are in industry, whether in internship or while working as a professional. Have a proactive approach towards your work rather than a reactive approach. Track your work regularly; what you have done and what will you do next day or next week. ‘Walk the extra mile’, because this extra mile will help you distinguish yourself from others.Lastly, be in touch with your corporate mentor or others at influential positions in the company, even after internship.


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