How to explore a Billion Opportunities-Intern in India

How to explore a Billion Opportunities-Intern in India

As an Indian I can tell you literally millions of things you can do in India which you can explore and you will not get tired of the place. But here I would like to mention a few which are the everyday ordinary delights which will make your experience in India a complete one. All of these have been thoroughly enjoyed by most of my friends who came to India to explore and work in India as foreigners and I hope you explore them to when you are here. So don’t wait apply for internship in India! Internship in Mumbai, Bangalore and many more await you..



Going to watch a Bollywood movie especially in a standalone theatre (not the multiplexes) will be an experience itself. If you have seen a Bollywood movie in your country you will find this experience very different. The crowds get really into the movie especially if you are watching one which stars a famous actor. With all the dancing and hoopla it will be a fun experience even if don’t understand too much of the language.



The local market shopping is a joyful experience. Chor Bazaar, Linking Road and many others in Mumbai, and places like Commercial Street and Chickpet in Bangalore are just some of the places which need to be explored in terms of street shopping. One of the most interesting experience for you will be the discount hunting and the bargaining which is to be expected here. The range of items you get here for dirt cheap value will astound you.



Europeans love their soccer whilst Americans have baseball and Football but Indians follow Cricket like a religion. You will find kids playing cricket in the streets, roads, grounds everywhere! If you want to explore the joys of the game just ask them to allow you to join. I assure you the kids will not say no. Also try going to a cricket match in the stadiums and you will get to see the passion live!



You will be exploring a few interesting types of public transports in India if you are willing to go beyond the Uber taxis! Autorickshaws are a fun experience, they are open from both sides, a three wheeled taxi! Bangalore buses and Mumbai local trains are brimming with people, hanging on for dear life at some points of the day when it gets really busy. There might be really big crowds in them so plan your trip accordingly but it is an experience worth having.



Street Food

Imagine having a burger for 15 cents! That’s what it costs in the street of India. Street food is a separate cuisine in itself and has spilled to vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. There is the famed pani-puri, samosas, vada-pavs, chicken fry, chowmein, bread omlette etc. Having street food is a delightful experience and one which one might get addicted to if they have the pallet for it. It is ideal to explore a few places before determining what suits your tastes buds the best. And don’t get shocked if you eat to your hearts content and the total bill comes to just about over a dollar.

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