Guide to Bangalore for Foreign Interns – Intern in Bangalore

Guide to Bangalore for Foreign Interns – Intern in Bangalore

You have chosen Bangalore as your destination to do your internship, as an intern in India as part of an India Summer Internship Program or the other programs. As a foreigner you might be overwhelmed whilst deciding what the things you would like to explore here are. We give you a few of the popular options to start with to truly get the Bangalore Experience.


Lalbagh – 240 acre lush green garden which will be a delight for nature lovers. It houses rare tropical and sub-tropical plants and trees. It was made in the 17th century, with an entry fee of approximately 15 cents you can explore its natural beauty, ideal for lazy walks and picnics.

Ulsoor Lake – An expansive one twenty five acre lake resides in the middle of the city. It is again an historical construction. Boating is a fun activity which you can indulge in this lake.

Cubbon Park – Lying at the heart of the city is a sprawling garden which is an absolute must visit for those interested in fitness. Morning joggers, yoga enthusiasts and laughter clubs are a plenty here. It is also surrounded by colonial architecture. The Gothic styled State Central Library, the neo classical Attara Kacheri which houses the high court and the Dravidian stytled Vidhan Soudha, the legislative chamber. This place is a must visit for all visitors.


Iskcon Temple – this temple which is nearly two decades old is decorated lavishly and is an ode to Lord Krishna by the International Society of Krishna Consciousness. It is a structure which blends the contemporary and traditional styles. Expect a deeply spiritual experience in a visit here. There are many food stalls which blend into the atmosphere of the place.

Karnataka Chitrakala Parisath – This places houses one of the best galleries in the country. It is also a learning centre which takes in students every year who want to become artists. The gallery here as one of the best collection of Indian and International art. The variety of the art pieces range from Mysore paintings, tribal and folk art. Students also regularly display their art for sale.

KR Market – For a taste of traditional urban India, dive into the bustling KrishnaRajendra Market, the market is bustling with commercial activities in and all around it. Explore your way around this market early in the morning or during the nights to witness one of the most colourful and lively environment where everything from fresh produce, spices, vibrant dyes, apparel and copperware is on offer. The flower market is the main attraction of this place and will definitely get your cameras clicking.

St Marks Cathedral – The cathedral is a beautiful colonial style with a dome, semi-circular chancel and roman arches. The woodwork is elaborate at the entrance of the cathedral with ornate carvings. The ceilings and the domes are done quite majestically. The bell is amongst the most well maintained church bells in India. What adds beauty to the cathedral is the stained glasswork.

In 190 the Ecumenical Centre was started in the church for promotion of church music. This was done with the purpose of training musicians and enthusiasts about church music. This is open to everyone irrespective of their religion or church denomination.

Jamia Masjid – One of the most impressive mosques in the country. It is made of white marble, has domes, twin towers on exquisite granite pillars. The five storeyed structure is said to have space to accommodate up to ten thousand devotees. With a cleansing pool in the centre of mosque, the ambiance inside the mosque is cool, serene and airy.

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